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All you trekkies and tv addicts / Don't mean to diss / Don't mean to bring. check out. v. 1. To inspect something so as to determine accuracy, quality, or other condition; test something: The technician checked out  Meaning. You can say this if you're showing something to someone. For example .

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check , s . schack ; hejdande , återhäll ; af . salfvare  Check out the hottest photos posted by Lana Rhoades on her official Instragram profile. For Business and ads officiallarho@gmail. 1007/s11095-006-0272-z. In  Check out this Used 2005 Carolina Skiff 2100 Roll Gunnel for sale in Starting my boat search and have come across a 2001, VIP Bay Stealth 1730 Tunnel. REMASTERED IN HD!Read the story behind ‘To The 5 Boroughs’ here: to more fr 2004 To The 5 Boroughs Capitol Records Hip hop, rap, breakbeat “Ch-Check It Out” is the opening track and lead single from the Beastie’s sixth studio album To the 5 Boroughs – their first single in five years.

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outpost skirmish . ~ , putrescible ; härrörande från ~ , som har förprickl | a , tr . check , check off . - ande , n .

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The student reports out on whether he or she was able to attain the behavioral goal(s) discussed at check-in. The teacher then shares the BRC ratings. If the student has earned a reward/incentive, the teacher awards that reward and praises the student. 2020-09-28 This is the usual way “check” and “out” come together, according to the 10 standard American and British dictionaries we’ve consulted. The phrasal verb is “check out,” two words. The noun and adjective are both “checkout,” one word. check out - examine so as to determine accuracy, quality, or condition; "check the brakes"; "Check out the engine" check , check into , check over , check up on , suss out , look into , go over Check It Out is the debut studio album by American soul/R&B group Tavares, released in 1974 on the Capitol label.

Check check check it out

From Longman Business Dictionary check out phrasal verb 1 [transitive] check something ↔ out to make sure that something is true, correct, or safe I checked out the financial aspects of buying into the company. 2 [intransitive] if information or a document checks out, it proves to be correct or true If your credit limit checks out, you can check your email recommend a purchase outerlibrary loan ask a librarian computing and wireless reserve meeting rooms email newsletters curbside pickup. EVENTS AND CLASSES. book discussions book sales Bubbler film showings kid and family events teen events Wisconsin Book Festival see the calendar. LIBRARY NEWS. libraries in the news Many translated example sentences containing "check out" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. The Check Out and Check In options are unavailable.
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Check it up - isnt a term used in english, i think you may be referring to 'check up' like a check up the doctor's. Перевод контекст "check out" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: check it out, check this out, check-out, go check out, go check it out Перевод Корректор Синонимы Спряжение Do check out the potato skins, Mexi mac and cheese, hot dogs, nachos as also the creamsicle float with tequila and shakes. And if we needed any more evidence of a return to buxomness just check out Geri Halliwell. You can check out a preview of the future with FaceMail, a program that delivers your e-mail spoken by an avatar at www. Check It Out! (Canadian TV series), a TV series that aired on CTV in the 1980s; Check It Out (UK TV series), a youth TV series produced by Tyne Tees in the late 1970s; Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, an American TV series, starring John C. Reilly; Music.

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Learn More about check it out "Check it." "Check it up" it not something I've ever heard or read, but it sounds similar to "check it out" in the attention directing sense. "Check it out" could be used instead of "Look at that!" or it could be used in the context of an item that is checked in and checked out, such as a library book. TL;DR - meaning changes based on context. For example.

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